An external application with an Elvenworks agent: You will install our agent in your cloud and you can add dependencies.

  • Agent required

  • Allow dependencies

To insert the applications in your product, click on “new resource” and then, choose the type "An external application with an Elvenworks agent" and a popup will open on the current screen. (similar to the “An internal application monitored by our agent” registration screen).

In this step, you will need to configure:

  • Choose an environment

  • Enter a name for the application

  • Insert healthcheck URL

  • Select the method

  • Fill ‘validations string

  • Set the interval and timeout (they are with default configuration, can be changed if necessary)

What is external monitoring and when to enable it?

The external monitoring feature works by monitoring through an external agent (as if it were a user without access to the cloud provider) to generate the data and the resilience matrix.