One Platform automatically monitors, sends alerts and manages incidents in the application and dependencies registered in your product, according to the information received via an internal agent, webhook or external agent.

In applications registered in your digital product on One Platform, it is possible to view the latency and percentiles graph that informs you about the application response time in question and whether there were abrupt changes in cases of deployments.

The Percentile Graph provides the user with an early analysis of the application's health, as cases of displacement between one percentile and another might indicate that the application will suffer an outage, instability or disrupt the user experience.

Thinking about anticipating the occurrence of incidents in your digital product, it is possible to create a Percentile Degradation Alert in the desired application, so the designated team will be notified and will be able to work in advance on any failure that may occur in the application, minimizing unforeseen events in the user experience.

To register these alerts just follow the steps below:

Access the application you want to configure the alerts and click on “Warnings to Latency”

Then a dialog box will open, activate the desired options and insert the percentage of degradation that will be tolerated in the application, above this value an alert will be generated.

Click on “Save” and the configuration was completed successfully.

As soon as there is a degradation in the application according to the Latency Graph, your team will be notified in the communication channels registered in “Teams”.

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