Advanced Notify Settings is an advanced configuration for selecting customized incident notifications by product, production environment, non-production environment, and also by communication channels.

Report incidents only on what is really necessary and on communication channels that are priority or control only.

To further customize the incident notification of your product, follow the steps below.

Click on "Teams" in the sidebar.

If you want to create a new team, just click on the “new” button that appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

For teams already registered, just access the desired team and go to the Advanced Notify Settings tab on the upper bar.

A table will appear with the configured communication channels, their environments and products for the team that is being configured.

By default, when configuring a notification channel in the Notifications tab, incident notification is automatically enabled for all environments and products in that channel.

Then, you will deselect the notification channels and environments as needed.

For example:

For the Sites product, the incident alert will only be through Whatsapp, thus only the box corresponding to the communication channel is selected.

Click on SAVE, to save the configuration made.


If there is any incident on the Sites product, the alert will only happen on Whatsapp.

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