It is worth remembering that Google Chat is a newer feature of Google and is different from Google Hangouts.

To proceed with the configuration, you must have Google Chat enabled in your Google account.

Enabling Google Chat is simple, just access the link on the side and it will be done automatically. If you can't, check the support link on how to enable it in your account.

Google Support Link for Google Chat, click here.

Configuring the bot on private chats or groups

Enter Google Chat, in the left sidebar find the chat you want to create the bot and click on the arrow next to the chat name,


Then click on “Manage webhooks”. A message box will open like the image below.

Fill in the name that will be given to the webhook and, if you have one, a URL with the image that will be used as an avatar for the bot. Then click on save.

The message box will be updated and the connector will be ready to use, copy the URL by clicking on


This URL is used to enable you to receive incident notifications on your OnePlatform team, to learn how, just click here.

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