Increasingly expanding the notification channels, to improve the efficiency of your development team for alerts in case of incidents, now you can also enable notifications via Whatsapp.

Before starting the setup for the teams, it is necessary that the users registered in the team have their cell phone number validated on the platform. If not, you will not receive the notification.

To do cell phone validation, just click here.

To configure Whatsapp as a notification channel, just follow the steps below:

Click on "Teams" in the sidebar.

Select the team that will receive alerts via Whatsapp

When accessing the settings of the selected team, go to Notifications on the upper bar and enable the option “Send a notification to WhatsApp”. After enabling this function, you can select which team members will be notified and then, click on save.

Notifications are sent only to individual contacts, there is no option to send notifications to groups. Remembering that only users who have their cell phone number validated will be able to receive alerts.

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