Cell phone number validation is required to enable several functions in 1P, such as notifications integration via WhatsApp and full operation of Call Rotation, function for workers on duty and alternating scales of teams.

Each user must individually perform cell phone validation in the platform.

Click on "Account" in the sidebar.

Then, you will have access to the page with your registration data. Fill in your name, enter your cell phone number, then click on save.

The “Send verification code” button will be enabled after saving the registration data, before that it will be disabled for validation.

Tip: the registered cell phone number must be the same used for WhatsApp, calls and SMS.

After saving, click on the “send verification code” button to receive the verification code via SMS.

A message box will appear on the platform page requesting the 4-digit verification code.

If you don’t receive it, the verification code can be resent via this message box.

Then, you will receive an SMS on your cell phone with a message similar to the one below:

To conclude, just enter the 4 digits you received via SMS on your cell phone in the message box.

After completing all the steps, the “verified phone number” information in green will be displayed in your registration data to symbolize that the validation was successful.

The user on the platform will be able to make full use of the notification and Call Rotation functionalities.

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