In the option "Teams" in the platform, we have options of communication channels in which they want to receive the related notifications that may vary from team to team.

With that in mind, we also developed notifications via Slack, for a private chat or a channel.

Click on "Teams" in the sidebar.

If you want to create a new team, just click on the “new” button that will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.

For teams already registered, just access the team and go to the notifications tab, in the upper bar.

Select the option that has the Slack icon, and click on “install our slack app first”.

A window will open with some Slack settings.

In the upper right corner, you can select which workplace to notify. Then, you can see which executions will be allowed, and finally, select which channel or private chat you want to send the notifications to.

Click on “allow”, and it will be automatically configured in 1P with the name of the selected workplace and channel.

After setting up, just click on “save” at the end of the options. When the first incident occurs, the notification will be sent via slack.

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