Feature available along with application metrics for monitoring the performance and impact of deployments.

The graphic shows the response time between the 1P agent and the application through the determined route by the health check URL. Also presenting the deployments performed on the timeline, in order to monitor the impact on the application after the change.

It presents the data of the last 24 hours as a standard configuration and in the upper right corner it is possible to find tools to modify the data collection, such as the check interval and cut any oscillation necessary for more specific analysis.

Extra features in latency and deployments graphic:

Selection Zoom: With the function activated, it is possible to select a part of the graphic and isolate a specific range. The plus and minus buttons are complementary and provide a general zoom of the graphic.

Panning: used for selection and horizontal movement of the graphic, for a range ahead or past history.

Reset Zoom: symbolized with a house, it is used to adjust the graphic zoom to the last 24 hours pattern. Just click and the graphic will be adjusted automatically.

More: represented with 3 lines, they are actions to export the data presented in the graphic. You can export the data set in the following formats:

  • SVG

  • PNG

  • CSV

Deployments graphic

When your development team releases a change in a service, it is extremely necessary to constantly monitor this application to know if there has been an improvement or worsening in its performance.

When inserting a deployment in your product application in 1P, we have the record presented on the graphic of the day and time when the change was made, therefore, identifying if there was an impact on the response time after the release.

The deployment record is also saved in the application's timeline, along with incident notifications.

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