Secret variable is a One Platform feature that guarantees the security of sensitive variables used in monitoring applications, services and cloud configurations. These sensitive variables are registered on the platform with a trading name and can be used to replace information that should not be public to other users in the organization.

Secret Variable is not editable and sensitive information, such as a password, is not visible for consultation on the platform.

The trading name chosen by the user for the security of sensitive information is available to everyone to apply to health checks, headers and other fields, just use the command “{{“, or click on the key that appears in the right corner of the field, which will be possible to see the list of created variables.

To configure Secrets Variables, click on your organization's name located below your profile picture in the sidebar.

Accessing your organization, there will be Integration Tokens and Secrets Variables.

Add a secret variable on the plus button:

A dialog box will open, name the variable (without the brackets {{) that will be used publicly by your team's users, fill in the sensitive information you want to encrypt and keep secret in value.

Then click on the Save button to save the created configuration.

In a few seconds your secret variable will be created and will appear as in the image below:

Note: After creating the Secret Variable it is not possible to edit it, being necessary the exclusion and a new inclusion.

Using the Secret Variable

In the application

Adding or removing Secret Variables can be done when creating your resilience matrix or edited later as needed.

Accessing Products in the side menu, select the desired product, enter the resilience matrix application and the Application settings, represented by the pencil:

Click on the key or type {{ inside the field, then the list of variables registered in the organization will open and select the desired Secret Variable, which can be used in the healthcheck URL, in the header field or in the value field.


Just access the desired application and right below you will have all the add-ons added to that application.

Registering the secrets variables is similar to the application configuration, but in add-on just click on the name (or on the left arrow) and the configurations will be expanded for changes.

Click on the available key in the given fields or use {{ to open the variable list and enter where needed. They can be added at the add-on creation time or later.

Click on Save, and it is done.


Again, the secret variables can be added at the service creation time or edited later. And it works similarly to the application configuration.

Access Services in the side menu, select the service to be edited (or click the plus button to create a new service) and it will be displayed in the fields that accept the secret variables the key symbol:

Click on the key or type {{ in the field to open the variable list and insert as needed.

Click on Save, and it is done.

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