Accessing the page of the desired application, click on the icon similar to this:

, right below the name and information about the application.

Then a message box will open, where you can:

  • Register in Timeline: to register the deploy manually in the latency and deployment graph timeline. Updating date and time.

  • Deploy by Webhook: to register the deploy in the timeline when the application is updated. No need for manual registration.

In this case, we will deploy via webhook.

By clicking on the “Deploy by Webhook” button, a new message box will appear, where you will have to choose the credential already registered in the organization.

When selecting the desired credential, your message box will be reloaded with the token referring to the application. As in the image below:

To insert the deploy in the latency and deployments graph timeline, just use the curl displayed when updating the application.

The description will be registered in the incidents timeline as default "[application name] is DEPLOYED".

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