When you configure new services in One Platform, the check type to perform the monitoring is configured through the "Check Type" field.

Each Check Type will display several additional fields for you to configure monitoring.

Currently, the following connectors are available:

  • DB (database):

    • Postgres

    • MySQL

    • SQL Server

    • MongoDB

    • Oracle

    • Cassandra

    • Neo4j

  • Cache

    • Redis

    • Memcache

  • HTTP

    • GET

    • POST

  • Queue

    • Kafka

    • RabbitMQ

    • SQS

  • Function as a Service

    • Lambda (AWS)

  • Search Engine

    • Elastic Search

    • Solr

  • Others

    • Ping

    • TCP

And you can also monitor using Webhooks.

We're constantly adding new connectors, so if you need to monitor something that doesn't have a good connector available, do reach out to us!

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